(This is much overdue) Well, well, well. It seems that after all the cuts and dizziness, all the sleepless nights crying in my mom’s arms, all the temptation to be blissfully stupid, emotionless days where I felt like a giant question mark (which pretty much describes my entire youth, minus the good days)…things actually turned out alright. I have the option of scholarships. I will probably go to college. Might be a shitty one that I can afford but hey, a degree is a degree, who the fuck cares at this point, ey, Dreamers? Everything counts. I finally feel as if I actually exist. And while I’m appreciating things, I must express my inexplainable happiness towards the fact that The XX is coming. I’ve been checking to see if they were coming for almost 3 years. I introduced all my friends to them. They associate The XX with me. Every meaningful event in my highschool life has an XX song to go along with it. The first time I rode a public bus, the first time I rode a metro, first time I dyed my hair, when I discovered I loved film and wanted to be a film student, when I found a group of people I felt I truly belonged in, the first time I cuddled with a guy I really liked, and so much more. I’m going, and I will cry so much. To conclude, I actually feel okay. (And none of you motherfuckers are gonna cause even a blink of an eye.)

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